Audio-Visual Services


Service Description:

天天看大片特色视频 天天看天天视频在线 中日高清字幕版在线观看Our team specializes in audio and visual technology and will assist in:

  • Managing sound and presentation equipment for staff, faculty, and students.
  • Providing the appropriate media resources and tools needed for course-related presentations and other academic events.
  • Maintenance and support of classroom technology.
  • Equipment set-up in almost any on-campus space.
  • Access to the film/video library resources.
  • Assistance and training with operating equipment.
  • Trained staff support at special events.
  • Media digitizing and duplicating services.
  • Technology consulting for events, classes, and presentations.

Available to:


How to access the service:

天天看大片特色视频 天天看天天视频在线 中日高清字幕版在线观看To request our services, please use to reserve your campus space and indicate that you require AV Assistance.  We will follow up with you after your reservation is processed.


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