Facilities and Campus Services

The Office of Facilities and Campus Services consists of planning and construction, energy management systems, maintenance and grounds, and the Arboretum. These departments are responsible for all buildings and grounds including new construction and renovation on campus, maintenance and repair of facilities, maintenance of the College’s landscaped areas, work requests and .

The mission of Facilities and Campus Services is to operate, maintain and improve the physical assets of Pitzer College in a professional and efficient manner with a focus on customer service. This is to be accomplished through an adaptive and diverse support team of dedicated and well-trained professionals.

In addition, our mission is to provide a safe, functional and attractive environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors of the College that is conducive to learning and supports the College’s tradition of excellence.

Facilities and Campus Services
McConnell 113
1050 North Mills Avenue
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Phone: 909-607-2226
Fax: 909-607-7064